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It's my birthday (January 19th), so "Gummy" is now available on all Streaming platforms (listen now and please add to your playlists)

My new album, "Gummy" is now available on all streaming platforms!  Since I released it on my birthday, January 19th, 2022, adding it to your playlists would be a wonderful birthday present!  

New album, "Gummy" released January 19th, 2022

New album, "Gummy" released January 19th, 2022

"Gummy" is my 14th studio album, and my most eclectic.  Just a quick breakdown from track-to-track. 

1. "Next First Breath" is a Depeche Mode style song about experiencing new things and experiencing familiar things as though they were new.  

2. "Homonym For Haha" is a Hip-Hop EDM crossover track, with a lot of fun puns and other wordplay.

3. "Turn On The Stereo" is a classic hip-hop style song about the power of music to bring people together.

4. "It's Friday" is a Jazzy Hip-Hop song with a 3 minute long piano solo at the end, about embracing today.

5. "Let's Just Go (Groove Mix)" is a song about taking risks that I sing for about 3 minutes, and then rap at 176 BPM.

6. "Living In My Memories" is a Dark Synthwave track about moving to a new city 6 months before a pandemic hit. 

7. "Unreal Like a Dream" is harder to define as I rap for about 1 minute, and the rest of the time, it's just music.  I dreamt the guitar part, and built the rest of the song around that guitar part.  The lyrics are about the rest of that same dream.

8. "We Were There" is a jazzy hip-hop track about appreciating moments with friends and family. 

9. "Track 9" is written in 9/4 time with a bass line that starts on the second beat, and complex lyrics.  Yet, the vocals are almost traditional hip-hop.  Maybe you'd call it sci-fi hip-hop. It's my favorite song that I've ever made.

10 "Let's Just Go" is a jazz ballad with pop influences, and is the original version of the song. The Groove Mix is the version I created later.

I am very proud of the album.  Gummy is what my niece calls me, so both the album title and release date (January 19th, 2022 - my birthday) have personal meaning for me.

A quick note about the mastering for the album.  I used Cloudbounce to master 6 of the songs.  I used Discmakers' Soundlab to master Track 9, Next First Breath, We Were There, and Next First Breath.  The single version of "Next First Breath" is actually a Cloudbounce master, if you want to compare the two for yourself.

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