Leave a tip at PayPal.me/missionman or via Venmo, at @missionmanmusic if you like my music, and want to directly financially support me for it.  I don't expect it, but wanted to give you the option, and I greatly appreciate everyone who does!

Here are some other ways you can financially support my music career, if you would like to do so.  Again, I greatly appreciate it!

You can now become a YouTube member here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUjhZ0aMwQxdLE7a7mWnxg/join for 99 cents per month.  You'll get to use custom emojis when commenting on my videos, and you'll get loyalty badges next to your name in comments and live chat.

Similarly, you can  become a Patreon subscriber for $1 per month at https://www.patreon.com/missionmanmusic.  I am definitely more active on YouTube, so you'd really just be doing this because you're an extra amazing human being!  You'll get more out of being a member on YouTube.  

Buy my music on Bandcamp.  I'll likely add the ability to buy songs directly on my website as well, but since Bandcamp has my entire catalog (aside from some songs that are no longer available because the production quality is so bad), this is a much more convenient option at the moment.

Buy merch.  You can get merch custom printed on demand from either my Spring store or my Teelaunch store. Both stores have slightly different options.  For example, you can get a basketball with my album artwork on it from Teelaunch that you cannot get on Spring.  Both places will print your merch when you order it, and ship it directly to you.

Here are several ways to support me financially without paying anything.

  1. Watch my videos on YouTube and/or subscribe there.
  2. Add my music to your Spotify (or other streaming service) playlists and listen. You can also follow me on Spotify, and my new releases with show up on your Release Radar playlist.
  3. Share my music, whether it's a Spotify song or YouTube video
  4. Create an Instagram Reel, YouTube Short, and/or TikTok video with one of my songs in it.  Just click "add music" and search for Mission Man, Playing a Little Basketball, or whatever song of mine best fits the video.  Not all of my music is on Instgram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok, but some of my music is, and it's easier to find by song title than by artist name.  If you don't find it at first, try searching "Mission Man [Song Name]."
  5. Follow on Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, or TikTok
  6. Follow me on BandsInTown or Songkick to be notified whenever I am performing near you.
  7. Read and share my blog