Mission Man: Hip Hop Without Ego 

Mission Man has been rapping since 1992, and playing instruments (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard) and producing his own music since 1998.

With over 200 songs, on 15 albums (including two 2020 releases) to his credit, he is prolific and passionate. 

His biggest musical influence is Prince, which means that Mission Man's music defies being in solely 1 genre. 

"Piano But No Microphone," shows Mission Man's improvisational talents on the piano. It is his first album that doesn't feature his voice.

His most recent single, "It's Friday," is an upbeat dance tune about taking risks. He plays the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and sings on the track, but does not rap.

Mission Man has performed in 18 states, plus at an open mic in Tokyo.

His music was used on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on March 6th, 2018, and he performed live on WNCI in Columbus on their #1 rated morning show in 2007.

2020 sees Mission Man focusing on his YouTube channel and releasing at least 2 albums.

"Piano But No Microphone" was released on Spotify and Apple Music on Friday, February 14th..

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