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My new album, "Gummy," was released on January  19th, 2022. January 19th is my birthday, and Gummy is what my niece calls me, so both the album title and release date have personal meaning for me.  "Gummy" is my 14th studio album. Click on the icons above to listen on your favorite streaming service, and if you like the song, please add it to your playlists and let the algorithm know that others should listen as well! Thank you!

Order the physical CD now by clicking on "buy" in the Bandcamp player. I'll ship the CD as soon as possible, and you'll get an immediate download of the album.

I used Cloudbounce to master part of my new album. You can try it out yourself here:
Get Your Audio Mastered Instantly with CloudBounce.

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Also, I've been using the Indie Spotify Bible to pitch to curators, and gain more Spotify streams. One of the main services I've been using is Groover (click on the word Groover to save 10% on your first campaign) which allows you to pitch to playlists for possible addition in their playlists. The Indie Spotify Bible has contact information for hundreds more playlist curators.


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Mission Man @ The Southgate House Revival

The Southgate House Revival, Newport, KY

Mission Man uses live instruments to make hip-hop music that incorporates elements of funk, jazz, pop, and synthwave. He spent most of his life in Oxford, Ohio and has been performing in the Cincinnati area since his first show at CD World in Colerain in 1998. He is mainly known for his energetic live shows, passion for his music, and for making genuine connections with his fans.

MC Freeman is an underground hip-hop artist from Columbus, OH. Best known for his work on the B-movie “Llamageddon,” MC Freeman combines whip-smart lyrics with punchy old-school production, overlapping internal rhymes, confusing cultural references, and frankly terrible jokes. If you’ve got a perspective, he’ll turn it on its head.

MC Freeman’s performance is sponsored by eCheese Zone, a game available for purchase and play on Steam.

Brent Bartels will be opening the show with his acoustic rock.