Mission Man lyrics

As of August 29th, 2018, I have lyrics here for 75 of my songs in alphabetical order. If a song has an asterisk (*) by it, that means I still perform this song live. I hope to add more lyrics soon.

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  1. Beauty of Song (Zachariah Sebastian)
  2. Birthday Song (Put Down The Pen)*
  3. Break Outta That Funk (Music Arcade)*
  4. Chillin at the Papa (Antis Trype)*
  5. Decisions (31 Hours Til What?)
  6. Dirty Game (Antis Trype)
  7. Do What You Love (31 Hours Til What?)*
  8. Driven By Passion (M'')
  9. Enjoy Every Day (Antis Trype)
  10. Extra (M'')*
  11. Freedom (31 Hours Til What?)
  12. Gotta Work Hard (Intro To My Mind)
  13. Go With The Flow (M'')
  14. Hip Hop Stranger (Antis Trype)
  15. Hopeful Messages (Antis Trype)
  16. how i see it (liberty island)
  17. I Can Feel The Love (M'')
  18. i don't need (liberty island)*
  19. i had to (liberty island)
  20. I Have Been Blessed (31 Hours Til What?)
  21. i need a good girl (liberty island)
  22. I'd Rather Be Alone (31 Hours Til What?)
  23. I'm Going Home (31 Hours Til What?)
  24. I'm Not Built For a 9 to 5 (31 Hours Til What?)
  25. Intro To My Mind (Reintroduction)
  26. Inventor (Reintroduction)*
  27. It's Good To Be Back (M'')*
  28. Just Getting Started (Zachariah Sebastian)
  29. Lift Me Up (31 Hours Til What?)
  30. A Little About Me (31 Hours Til What?)*
  31. Livin' (M'')
  32. living the dream(liberty island)
  33. living to the rhythm (liberty island)
  34. Love (Zachariah Sebastian)
  35. Love, Funk and Soul (Zachariah Sebastian)*
  36. Love Is Enough (Intro To My Mind)
  37. Low Stress Diet (31 Hours Til What?)*
  38. Memories (Intro To My Mind)
  39. Never Had a Chance (Antis Trype)
  40. Next Lifetime (Zachariah Sebastian)
  41. no ego (liberty island)*
  42. Not Where I Belong (Antis Trype)
  43. Open Mic (M'')*
  44. Open Road (Antis Trype)
  45. Out Of High School (Intro To My Mind)
  46. Out Of The Basement (explicit - 31 Hours Til What?)
  47. Playin' a Little Basketball (Intro To My Mind)*
  48. Prime Time Players (A Different Kid)
  49. Respect Our Women (Intro To My Mind)
  50. Revitalized (Reintroduction)
  51. Running (Intro To My Mind)
  52. Scares Me To Think (Antis Trype)
  53. Show Time (Zachariah Sebastian)
  54. starting over (liberty island)
  55. Stay Real (explicit - Intro To My Mind)
  56. There Was A Man (Delve Deeper)
  57. these are the moments (liberty island)
  58. They'll Never Steal My Love (31 Hours Til What?)
  59. This Is The League (M'')
  60. Time (Zachariah Sebastian)
  61. time to make it happen (liberty island)*
  62. Ugly Child (31 Hours Til What?)
  63. Wanna Get Down (Reintroduction)
  64. We're All Superheroes (Zachariah Sebastian)*
  65. Weightliftin' Jam (Reintroduction)*
  66. What Do You See? (31 Hours Til What?)
  67. What Hip-Hop Means To Me (31 Hours Til What?)
  68. Wisdom In My Writing (Zachariah Sebastian)*
  69. With Love We Find Hope (M'')*
  70. wonder (liberty island)*
  71. Wonder What I'd Be (Antis Trype)
  72. Wonder Years (M'')
  73. World Without Mirrors (Antis Trype)
  74. Year Long Winter (Zachariah Sebastian)
  75. You Gotta Want It (Delve Deeper)

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