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It's just like my grandma used to say
I'm feeling tired, uninspired, and a little blase
Once upon a time I was on my way
But not today

Chorus: It's been a year long winter

I hit the road and it became a little lonely
The lights
Burning bright
In my eyes came to own me
I was driving all around but I didn't know the
Direction I was heading in
I was sending in
And at first it seemed like a win
Riding with the wind
'Til I paused and it blew cold right in my face
I wasn't liking the taste
It made me sick
And then I got hit
Got run right off the road
And it was oh so cold
I was feeling old
And questioning everything I have told
To myself for 20 years
Overcame so many fears
Because I didn't take the time to be scared
I just made the rhymes and then prepared
There was so much to do
Of course I knew
That societal pressures were ever present
But I laughed in the face of several lessons
Until I took the time to ask some questions
And I froze

And I froze


That was about ten months ago
Right now it's about ten below
Inside and out
And I'm hiding in the house
Lighting that spark again
From within
I've made it harder than it has to be
I used to just smile when they laughed at me
But I've let in some doubts
And it's time to get them out
Time to get back to what I'm all about
Getting warmed up and getting back on the route
That I was on
For so so long
And I gotta get back and go so strong
It's time to face the cold
Embrace my soul
Forget about mistakes and erase them all


Spring's coming
And I'm running
And I'm knowing that it's time to go
Feeling like I'm 13 and there's time to grow
That's when I peaked because I opened my soul
I let in the music
And used it
To improve every part of me
So I could laugh so heartily
I was kindling fires, now I'm sparking the
Fire within
That's where this change has to begin

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