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I got robbed at gunpoint on the train
But there's no point in keeping the pain
I had everything to lose and nothing to gain
By resisting
All they could take were meaningless things
My wallet, my keys, my cell phone, some gum
And my condoms
That were going to expire soon anyway
I decided I'd rather live to see another day
Than struggle
And get trouble
From someone with a gun
Even if they steal my identity
They can't take who I am from me

chorus: They tried to steal my love

It started off as a typical week
I was taking pictures so my friends could get a peak
Of what my day to day life was like
I created some mp3s so I could practice for open mic
It was a stress free Monday
I was having quite a fun day
Enjoying myself in the office
Until I ran into the lawless
I got on a train by myself so I could prepare for the stage that night
Going over a new song to make sure I got the lyrics right
And I was glad I had a train to myself
So I wouldn't bother anyone else
By rapping to myself
But there were others who wanted my wealth
One of them asked to use my phone
And he would not leave my coat alone
He said he hadn't called someone in two days
As his friend stayed
By his side and stole my mp3 player
Just another second later
They were reaching in my pockets
I pushed one back to get him to stop it
I was ready to fight without fear
Until a third guy showed up and said "What's going on here?"
I replied "They're trying to rob me."
As he looked at me, he let me see
The gun in his hand
As he made his demand
"Hey you, just let them take it!"
I let them strip my pockets naked
Until the train made it to the next stop
And they fled without getting caught
I was too scared to immediately call the cops
Two new people arrived on the train
And I said through the strain
Of holding back tears
And keeping in my fears
"Did either of you see what happened?"
They said that they hadn't
And offered to let me use their phone
But I had no one to call, all my numbers were unknown
Stolen in less than a minute
And my head was spinning
Too much to think correctly
With my anger starting to possess me
I finally got home and felt safe
Letting everything out of my face
I called the cops from my roommate's cell
And slowly came down from that moment's hell
The cop took my statement and said "we're never going to catch those guys."
That came as no surprise
I canceled every credit card I could think of
And my friends showed me love
Taking me to dinner
And I felt like a winner
Because I was alive, but the anger still wouldn't let me sleep that night
I had to relive the fright
Of riding on the train again
Reliving the pain again
Reclaimig my life
And making it right
By moving on
And staying strong

chorus: They could not steal my love

It's been 48 hours
And the power
Of anger
Has left with the stranger
I became momentarily
Memories won't be scaring me
Out of my ability to live my life through love
When push came to shove, I reached out with hugs
And that love reminded me not to judge
I really hope the robbers are found
And they can turn their lives around
To find the strength to make a difference
So we don't lengthen the distance
Between the rich and the poor
The world can't survive this way anymore
I'm really thankful for my friends and was just really happy I lived
Whether we've been really close since kids
Or there was something little I did
To gain a place in their heart, once upon a time
What's not gone is rhyme
They could not steal my dreams
Because I will not let C.R.E.A.M. [cash rule everything around me]
Money doesn't matter and it never has
That's why I'll always love and forever laugh

chorus: They tried to steal my love
They could not steal my love
They can not steal my love
They'll never steal my love

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