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Lyrics for There Was A Man by Mission Man

Lyrics for "There Was A Man" by Mission Man

chorus: There was a man, he had a plan, a plan to stop Mission Man. There was a man he had a plan, because he didn't understand.

There was a man with a plan to kill Mission Man because he didn't understand the message I was conveying and what I was saying. He thought I was betraying the hip-hop game. He blamed me for getting rid of his crack sales and for getting him put in jail, for dealing and stealing, freewheeling, freebasing. He called up my placed and threatened to kill and spill my guts on the streets of Oxford. He wanted my screams to be heard by those trying to make a difference; his message to me was this: "Mission Man you're a dead man. I can't stand the way you betrayed the hip-hop game. Now you're getting slain. I'm insane, and in jail, but I just made bail. Well, what you gonna do? I told you not to rap about harmony and arming the average person with knowledge. How dare you go to college and get an education? You've caused aggravation to be in me. Now prepare to see your destiny!"

Then he hung up and man I was scared. It didn't seem fair that he tried to deny me the opportunity for PEACE and unity. I didn't take action at first. I counted on the best, but got the worst.


He came into my house, quiet as a mouse, careful not to disturb. No sound could be heard. Until he crept into my room, and boom, four gunshots rang out. No doubt he ran. I couldn't understand why this man just shot at Mission Man. Man oh man that was it. I thought I was hit. I thought I was going to die. I wondered why. I called 911 then cried. I was bleeding on the inside and on the outside I tried to understand this man's motive for shooting four shots at me while I was asleep. At that point I lost consciousness and went into this dream phase. I played the sound of the shots in my mind time and time again, wondering what caused this man to commit this sin. That's when I woke up and looked up and saw all of my friends. Lamont, Josh, J.T., BJ, Charlie, and Ed were standing at my bed. That's when I got a phone call.

"Mission Man, your fall will come. It was just dumb luck that you didn't get bucked to death, but don't worry your last breath will come soon enough. Let's see how tough you really are. Let's see how far or how long you will live. Maybe I'll let you live so I can give mass pain. I told you I was insane!"

Pure fright overcame me. My body went into convulsions. My emotions were explosive. I had to show this man that even if he can kill me, he won't stop the unity I've begun. I've already won the war the day I was put in the record store. I had to accomplish more though, and let people know how to unify. I will try to be the guy to influence harmony because we need to unite as people and get rid of the evil. Anyway, the next day I went home. I found that I wasn't alone. I finally saw the man who called on the phone.

"Finally we meet face to face in the place of your home. I'm about to bust a cap in your dome!"

I kicked the gun out of his hands with the quickness. I knew this was a life and death situation, but more than that I felt an obligation to my nation, so my sensations, my senses rose and exposed my survival tactics. That is when he kicked me in the shin; then he hit me again. I fell to the ground, but I didn't stay down. What he did next was knee me in the gut, spun me around and kicked me in the butt. I was stunned, but his gun was laying next to me. I reached out and grabbed it. I had it. I pointed it at the head of the man. He didn't move; he didn't know what to do. My knees were on his arms; he could do me no harm in his position and he knew that his mission had failed. He didn't want to go back to jail.

I was intense, staring in his eyes. He almost left me paralyzed. But I did the right and wise thing to do. I threw the gun away from me. Got up and extended my hand to the man who nearly killed me. He looked confused. He thought to lose was to die. He said "Why did you live? I don't deserve to live my life so why did you give me another chance when I caused you so much strife?"

That's when I told him killing doesn't solve anything. It goes against everything I sing about in my songs. "To kill you would have been wrong."

"Thank you. I thought you were just anti-success for the man in distress in the ghetto. I didn't know you were trying to help someone else. I really thought you were just doing for yourself, but now that I've seen you help somebody else, I'll live the rest of my days for the ways and the cause of unity, between you and me, and everybody."

Chorus: There was a man he had a man. A plan to stop Mission Man. There was a man he had a plan, but now he understands.

ending: The man with a plan and a loaded gun in his hand ran into Mission Man and understands my plan.

Yes, I really say all of that in a 4 minute song. That's why I come close to passing out doing it. :)

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