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Chorus: You gotta stay real or else you’re kind of ill, ‘cause I ain’t no gangbanger studio gangster

I could be hardcore, but that’s a damn bore
I could bust the mic
And be like

What do you wanna do
When it’s time for me to use my tools
And make fools drool
As they see me
Pull out my Uzi
And shoot the
Punk motherfucker so fast
I’m like Flash
When I blast
That ass
And I bash
That fool’s skull in
Then I put my dick in his woman
And do it again
To someone else who thinks he’s my friend
Committing mass sins
Torturing mass fools
Never letting them breathe again
When I pull out my AK
You better stay
The fuck away
Because I don’t play
What do you wanna do with this player who’s too cool
Wish you were never born
When I start to scorn
So be warned
That I got mass murdering friends
To help me get the ends
So I can spend
The money that I steal
‘cause I feel
No sorrow or remorse
For the house that I torched
‘cause I come hardcore
There will be no more
Just sleaziness
‘cause I’m the best
From the Midwest
Kicking this shit
Sucking on your girl’s tits
That’s right stealing your bitch
I can pull out my semi-automatic
And get tragic
On that ass if
I get bored
I explore
New methods of torture
For your
Ass to suffer
Because death is too good for
You wanna duel
I can’t be stopped
When I got my gloc
And bust a shot
So tick tock
Goes the clock
When your time’s over
I’m going to show you
New methods of insanity
If you step to me
It’s kill or be killed
So I’m gonna get ill
And spill
The blood out of your brains
Bringing pain
To your membrane
It’s plain to see
That you don’t want to fuck with me
And you don’t want to see me
Get mad
Because then you get had
And it’s sad
How bad your body’s been destroyed
As I deploy
A couple missiles
And I whistle
As I watch them explode
And corrode
Every inch of your body
Then I laugh at the smokie
Who’s trying to bust my ass
Because I’ve surpassed
His lawful status
Had this
Fool cop
Tried to stop
Me from busting a shot
From my gloc
He would have died
Many have tried
To stop me on this flow
But they don’t know
Even how to slow
Me down on this show so
The best of the best still can’t go
Toe to toe
With the one you’re looking at
And listening to while I rap
Matter of fact
It’s like that
And it’s whack
When you get jacked
‘cause I give you no slack
When I cause a heart attack
‘cause you lack
The skills to fight back
I’m the mack
And I’m stacked
What crime’s on tap
After the murder of that
Motherfucker who tried to stab me in the back
It’s time to be fatal
And play all
Y’all for fools
Taking you to rap school
I get rhymes like threads off the spool
I’m the mastermind
And it’s time
That you learn
That I burn
Suckers for a living
Taking shit but ain’t giving shit
Just too easy
For me to be the
With the plan
To make people understand
That I can
Do whatever I want
And pull any stunt
On anyone who wants
To try
Don’t ask why
I’m this way
Just get down on your hands and knees and pray
That I don’t take your life away

But anyway my lifestyle ain’t really like that, so to rap about that would be kind of whack
That’s why I’m going to stay real and just chill.


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