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Chorus: I'm running for the human race
I'm running to help out this place

Running for my health not for my life
Trying to be fast as stealth but not with a knife
With my feet
Moving them down the street
Trying to get quicker
So I can get slicker
On the court
Not going to abort
My mission
Going to work hard and keep wishing
My hard work can change things
Maybe help me sing
And definitely help me bring
My message across
Not trying to be the boss
But do what I can to help at all costs
Even if my album doesn't sell well
I'm trying to keep people from living in Hell
On earth
Trying to make the birth
Of children in the future
Easier and safer
And maybe make their lives a little better
I'm trying to run out and touch people
Letting them know that we're all equal
I'm not better than my woman or my friend of my enemy
Because they're all in the same race as me
The human race
You don't place
In the human race
Because it's not a race
That you run
But it's a race that can be won
If we begin to run it together
And never
Try to beat each other
And hold each other down
As we hear the sound
Of the gun
That tells us we've begun
Our journey to help the race
We need to learn to help in the first place
Help out
Because there's no doubt
That you'll get a slap in the face
If you don't embrace
The opportunity to help the race
Hopefully in the future we won't need mace
Or an oozi or a mac ten [my friends always thought I said "nuclear mac ten" so a few years ago I changed it to "nuclear mac ten"; at my live shows]
We step outside
We shouldn't need to hide
In fear of a driveby
That's why
I'm running
To make this world fun and
Safe for the kids and the parents alike
Trying to resolve problems before there's a gun fight
Because violence doesn't solve anything
Just listen to the chorus that I sing

Chorus: X2

I joined the race 17 [that's how old I was when I wrote the song, when I perform it live, I change it to my current age] years ago
I'm trying to help the race even if I'm slow
I don't know
How to get people to unite
And fight
Not against one another
But I'll do what I can
And run like a man
Trying to make people understand
That they can
Make a difference if they try
Even if sometimes they'll break down and cry
Just doing little things
Is better than no things
Maybe just bring
Flowers to someone that you know
Or say hello
To someone that you don't know
Look beneath their skin even if it's black, green, and yellow
Try to dismiss
The racist
Thoughts in your mind
And be just as kind
To everybody as you are to me
Just put on a pair of running shoes
Or walking shoes
And unite behind the race
And help out this place


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