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Chorus: We have to respect our women
Because without them we ain't winning X2

We have to respect our women
Because without them we ain't winning
Without them we'd be stuck in
Misery and emptiness
We'd have no one to miss
And no one to kiss
So please don't dis
And dismiss
Women as hoes
Because I know
And everybody should know
That women have minds of their own
There are some hoes [changed to "of those" in 2005]
That give blows
To every guy they see on the street
They get down on their hands and knees
And please
The guys down in the south
Of their body with their mouth
But even the women that do that
Only do it because some man
Was a dog and put them down
And you could hear the sound
Of the man
Slapping the woman
Across the face
Telling her she's no good in the first place
Unless she's naughty
And gives up her body
Too many men cuss
At their women so it's up to us
To let women know
That they don't have to be hoes
To get a man
They need to be honest and understand
That they'll get a lot more respect
If they're really in love before they have sex
Otherwise all they'll be hearing is next
Women have a lot to respect
And men we need to let
Our women know that they're appreciated
Even if they haven't dated
They're still cool
Women don't let a man use you
And abuse you
And hit you
If they hit you it's time for escape
Don't be another victim of date rape
Kick that guy in the nuts if you have to
Do what you have to do
To escape from that fool
Press charges and get him sent up for a five year bid in jail
Without bail
Because if a guy doesn't respect you
He doesn't deserve to
Be going out with you
I respect women for all that they do
Because they're the ones that have to
Deliver babies
And maybe
Have careers at the same time
But even if they're housewives they have my
Respect and admiration
Because they're always taking
On new responsibilities
So gentlemen please
Respect our ladies

Chorus: X2

Sometimes I wonder how
Women do the things they do
And still manage to keep their cool
And put up with the men who just drool
Because they're fools
And they womanize
But they need to realize
That women aren't just sex toys
To be played with by all the boys
Sure they enjoy
But they'd enjoy it a lot more with a man who respects
Their devotions
And emotions
So listen
To what I'm saying
Because I'm not just playing
This song
To let you know how to get it on
But how to make your relationship strong
It starts with RESPECT
Then the FEMALE
Will respect you more for your ability to see
That we have to respect our women
Because without them we ain't winning
The race of my life
So men respect your women and treat them right
Women can accomplish as much or more than men
If we let them

[3rd verse, in Respect Our Women 2005]
Today I'm still on a mission
To get men to respect women
Abstinence is a good way to go
But I know
It's hard to live up to
It's so hard not to do
Something so natural to you
It's designed for reproduction
So I understand the seduction
But that's not it's only function
In it lies powerful expression
That's why it can be such a powerful weapon
And cause overwhelming depression
If casual sex is your thing
Make sure you bring
Complete and total honesty
If she doesn't want it then let her be
Me personally
I need love to have sex
Because I won't settle for less
Than the best
But if the stress
Is too much
And you need the touch
Only a woman can give
If you can't live
Without it
Make sure there's no doubt it's
Understood that it's just sex to you
Make sure it's the same for her too
Making her think it might be love is the worst thing that you can do
I won't condemn you for having sex with random people
It's when you use it to hurt that I consider you evil
If you're strong enough it's time to stop the sequels
There's more to women than sex and their bodies
They're at their best when they're not getting naughty
It's the heart and the mind that matter
If women throw themselves at me I tell them I'm flattered
But that love is what I truly desire
For that my eternal flame burns higher


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