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Family, friends, music and love
Are all that I need because they're truly enough
I'm on a low stress diet
I won't guess I'll try it
I'll go just buy it
Because oh yes I fit
I'm on a low stress diet
Low stress diet

It's curious where my heart is
I'm worriless when I start this
Wordiness in the darkness
I won't hurry this 'cause I've got less
Weight on my mind and my shoulders
I've slowed time and I'm older
But I feel younger than I did at 16
When it seemed
Like the sky was a little more grey
Back in those days
Now the air is cooler
Like Ferris Bueller,
Everyday seems like it's my day off
I finally found a way to make things stay soft
Instead of being hard constantly
It's simple smart honesty
To tell you that I've but back on my stress intake
As I make my best mistakes
Oh yes it takes
A certain peace inside
As my shirts increase in size
To not feel hurt when she just tries
To work in recent lies
So she can steal when I've earned this week and cries
To mentally manipulate my magnificent benevolence
And display it in high def with wicked malevolence
She tries stripping my innocence
Only to find she no longer knows what it looks like
She threw hers away the first time she shook tights
For cash
And she's made quite a stash
I could be artifical
And get superficial
But I want something special
So I dress up in just real
Clothes when I'm at the bar
Not looking for hoes to make me feel like a star
But it's not my place to judge
I just live my life through love
That's why
Yo I

chorus: [I] am on a low stress diet. Yo just try it!

I don't care if my ex talks
And tells me that sex rocks
I'm hanging out with the homeboys playing the XBox
Because video games don't give me STDs
Let me please
Your ear drums
As my fears come
To fruition
Only to find they can't afford the tuition
Required to steal my knowledge
Acquired in real life's college
With desires to feel life fall in
To the depths of the abyss they were created in
I feel the breath from the kiss that was made in sin
My love for truth makes me grin
And I'll never be paid to win
Because my mission's
Not about competition
It's about being me
Being free
And seeing the
Best parts of my life
I'll step up and grab the mic
Reach out the world and I'll grab it tight
Make love to my words as I have it right
I know that it's a magic night
I'll tell you it's pure as I gladly write
I'll always use my pen if I have to fight
I'll never resort to fisticuffs
Because my wrist is tough
As I find freedom in expression
And my mind sees some thin impression
Of the truth
I've let go of age and I've gained my youth
I turned the page and it's plainly proof
That as long as I hang on to my dream it's reality
As my eyes gleam with no fallacy


I take all of my stress and I throw it like a javelin

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