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That's the Kind of Love that I want

I saw an elderly couple walking down the street
Hand in hand, feet to feet
Stride for stride walking side by side
To the rhythm of one heartbeat
With each other they're so complete
And it made think, no it made me feel
Seeing love so real
I don't know what they've been through, but I'm sure it's been a lot
In ways you can't capture with a single shot
A beauty beyond words, beyond pictures or films
Something I cannot gain in the realm
Of fiction and fantasy
Something that has to be
Experienced first hand
To understand
Every flaw embraced
Through all the mistakes
All was forgiven
This is what I think of when I think of truly living
Truly loving
It all comes from nothing
Turns into something
And takes your breath away
Until one day
You arrive in the moment long after age and time no longer have meaning
This is a future I want to be seeing
And I'm ready to risk it all
Take my falls
I'll stand tall
After I get knocked down and back up again
I'm ready for love to begin

Chorus: That's the kind of love that I want x4

I don't need to be cool
I'm ready to act the fool
Forget about embarrassment and the fear of rejection
I'll take it all for that one acceptance
I'm willing to have my heart dragged through the trenches
And stuck on the fences
While learning to climb walls
Watching time stall
To see it suddenly skip a few days, weeks, months or longer
Letting the obstacles make me stronger
So I can find the love that I'm seeking
One that makes me richer than three kings
And when I find her, yes I'll take out the trash
And get ice for a rash
Be nice with my cash
Because it'll be ours
Through the hours
The minutes
The seconds
The moments
Until time is frozen
In perfection
Realizing every rejection
Was worth it to get there
From this side it may not seem fair
But I know nothing else can truly compare
I don't care
About the stares
The glares
The judgments
The punishments
For being human
Others will see what I'm doing
But I won't let it ruin
The chances that I'll take for love
It's not about money, somehow we'll make enough
And this life will make it tough
But when we can walk side by side
Stride for stride
Hand in hand
We'll understand
What it's like to be complete
Living to the rhythm of one heartbeat


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