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This is how
This is how you lift me up
You lift me up with your love
Yes you do

Thank you for appreciating the little things I do
I love doing them because I care about you
And you never have to thank me back
Because your actions never lack
You don't keep me waiting
Right after your hug
You express your love
And tell me that I make a difference
Whether I'm making you laugh or just taking the time to listen
I cannot solve your problems
But when you look at me, you forget that you have them
And that makes me feel like my life has purpose
And reminds me what my worth is
You lift me up by letting me in
Your eyes light up as I'm getting a grin
To creep into the corners of your mouth
Just before you let the laughter out
And that's what this life is all about
You let me sleep on your couch
When I had no place else to stay
And you never acted like I was in your way
You were just happy that we got to play
You kept me going when I couldn't do it on my own
And the money you gave me was never a loan
Thank you so much for sharing your home
Thank you for your words of encouragement
I can't express how far your courage went
If there are words to say it, I just haven't learned them yet

chorus: You lift me up, you lift me up, you lift me up with your love

You've lifted me up so many times
When this world has left me blind
And helped me see with my mind
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Just picturing the clouds as they swirl
Like doves around the sun
Your love is bound by none
I'm not down to shun
Because you are the one
Who lifted me up when I was too low
To lift myself head over toes
You've been there to help me grow
In so many ways you don't even know
You taught me to love every moment I live
That's why I'm so open to give
You made the bad times easier to take
And turned the good into great
My memories wouldn't be the same without you
So just know that my love is true
Your love improves everything I do


You didn't have to do something little for me back, like you did
But you did
But you did
And I thank you

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