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I woke up today feeling a little rough
Getting out of bed was a little too tough
Dragging my way through a mundane routine
So lame no dreams
Just another day to make the means
No power
In my shower
Or the hour
That followed
Just some more time that I borrowed
Which is why I went into work
Feeling like a jerk
Until I heard a whisper
Over my right shoulder
The words that I heard
Made me feel bolder
I heard one friend say to another
That I looked a little extra tall today
And it took me all the way
From dial up to broadband
I looked down at my strong hands
And felt like
I could lift the world to new heights
And do right
Simply because someone saw in me
Something in that moment that I did not see
Until I looked through their eyes
And it took me by surprise
Because I'm already confident and self-assured
But I was still lifted up by selfless words
When they repeated them to me this is what I heard

Chorus: You look extra today, extra tall, extra smart, extra talented, extra sexy, extra amazing!

I went to sleep and dreamt of being a superhero
More untouchable than Deniro
But I wasn't a criminal
Simply invincible
Laser beams couldn't shoot me down
I kept flying around
Following the flight path of a bird
And I know it sounds absurd
But it's all from the words that I heard
And if self-esteem
Can manifest itself so powerfully in my dreams
Then it seems
That I should pass it onto you
It's up to you to believe that it's true
Then we all
Can have it all
And it can be so magical
So when you need to brighten up your day
Just look at yourself in the mirror and say


You are the reason why I sing

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