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Some people still ask me if I'm serious or if I'm messing around
By now I hope that you've found
My music is a reflection of life
Not a selection of lies
I'm earning and working with an ethic that's older than I am
And an intellect strong enough to get me into the tri-lambs
I am educated, dedicated and motivated
And Yes I've made it
I feel blessed and successful
Through tests that are stressful
And I want to thank all the fans
Who understand
That I'm seriously dedicated to my craft
It doesn't mean I've forgotten how to laugh
I'm generally overwhelmingly positive
That's how I gotta live
It's the only way that makes sense to me
Why would I choose to live my life in misery
As if a serious artist isn't allowed to be funny
A delirious artisan's bouncing checks for his bunnies
Because they're willing to have sex for his money
And he's not being sexist
We just have a different code of ethics
What happens next is
Open to interpretation
Use your imagination
And life experience
To determine if it's serious

chorus: I'm driven by passion

I have no sense of entitlement
And don't care how my title went
Because I don't need to be the champion
I know I still can be young
There's a difference between anger and passion sung
As if my life depended on it because it does
And the one depending on it is me
Not the critic listening to the CD
As if he knew what was going on in my mind
And the timing of my rhymes
And I don't care what they have to say
Because they won't share the same way
That I do
I'll open up and be true
From my own point of view
I've got the vocal theatrics
To choke all the tactics
Like a marath'damane
All they can do is stare at the flame
They can't actually embrace the void
I won't avoid
My responsibilities
I'll handle them honorably
And honestly
Because they truly matter to me
Are you a lyrical wizard or a critical witch
With a cynical switch
That you never shut off
That's not me so you can call me soft
Because well I am
I'm supportive of my friends
And just because I don't have the ends
There's no reason to be mean
I follow my dreams
So you cannot call me average
Some of these critics don't know what the half is
When I cross over the median
Traveling via Expedia
Cleaning up my Experian
Or rolling down the river on my Kayak
That's why it's a big deal when I'm back
Because my path
Is challenging to navigate
Sometimes I have to wait
While I dance with fate


It's time to pick up the intensity
Because the energy
You're sending me
Is filling my melodies
With memories

Sometimes my songs are atonal and discordant
But that's not what kept me up 'til this morning
Working on a song past noon
Making my heart go boom
Music has taken me from the bottom of the abyss
To feeling like I had the world's first kiss
So I owe it this
What I speak from my lips
Comes from me
And it will always me
My thoughts, my heart and my passion
That's why I'm still driven after 20 years of rapping
And 13 years of playing the drums, bass, guitar and keyboard
I hope it strikes more than 3 chords
And it frees your
Sense of expression the way it has mine
Time after time after time after line after rhyme from my mind
Through the pen to the paper as I scribble these lyrics
Or record them freestyle so I can hear it
Before writing it down
And miking the sound
That turn every ounce of pain, joy, happiness and laughter
From every chapter
Of my life
Into what you're hearing tonight

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