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In case you're a little late getting to know me
Let me show the
Window to my soul
So we can take a stroll
We'll occasionally stall
To knock down some more walls
I used to be ridiculed
By some kids in school
Which probably makes me like you
But they never got me down no matter how hard they tried to
Because I liked being a nerd
It wasn't until I started seeing with words
That I heard
That being smart was dumb
And blazing skunk was fun
By those standards I'm a bore
I don't need to get high to soar
If I had grown to be a man
In Japan
I'd likely be an otaku
But I decided to stop to
See things from every perspective
And stayed reflective
So I could see through the mirror
To get a clearer
Image of the universe
And took the time to rehearse
Before getting on stage
Let my heart feel the words before flowing from the pen to the page
Now I use the Yen to make change
So I say Arrigato Gozaimasu
So we can look forward not behind us
Through the power of song
I know we belong

chorus: This is a little about me

No one has touched my life as much as my mother
And yes, I will always love her
Even though she died half my life ago
Which caused the tears to flow
She'll always be my hero
She's why I worked full time while taking 20 hours of classes
Without the outcome being disastrous
Like her I can work hard and still give love
And I know that will always be enough
That's why I've smiled through many of the tough
Times during my journey
Doing what I could to earn the
Money to continue
And was rocking empty venues
Not ordering from the menu
Because I could only afford peanut butter and bread
Having no money caused me no dread, instead
I loved everyday even when my bed
Was the passenger seat of my car at a rest stop
I was thinking nothing but blessed thoughts
And I don't believe in growing old
And don't care what I've been told
Listening to old school hip-hop
Thinking about what makes me hit stop
Versus hit rewind
To replay the verses in my mind
Rehearsing as I find
When cursing in a rhyme
Increases my retention
By piquing my attention
Instead of hurting my ears
I work in my fears
So they don't come true
As I run through
What drives me
And keeps my speed at 90


I care too much about other people
To be driven by the root of all evil
I keep an open mind
And I hope in time
My flows and rhymes
Will show you my
Heart and soul
As my art extols
I hope you're getting it
I'd love to bridge the gap from first to last
But first perhaps
I should concentrate
On making differences in small ways
Being a good friend on all days
Listening to my friends' problems
Even if I have no clue how to solve them
Taking risks as I put myself all in
Because I'll definitely lose if I don't try
And I won't die
Without living for right now
As I put the mic down
I still have my life to live
So I'll earn my right to give

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