Lyrics for “wonder” by Mission Man


I believe we all wonder if we designed our own destiny

And our lives turned out differently

Who would we be

Would we live happily

Ever after

With a life full of laughter

Would every moment be as blissful as ignorance

If we all maintained our innocence


Chorus:  I believe we all wonder and it’ll be a wonder when we all believe in each other


We all have something that we’ve been through

And I believe in you

I believe you’ll climb out of debt

Even if you can’t see how yet

You’ll do fantastic

After your lapse in a scholastic program

There’ll be no collapse of your synaptic codes and

You’ll still walk with your peers

And the tears

That you cry

Will tell you why

Every moment was worth it

No matter how much you were hurting

While working

And paying your own bills

Harvesting the seeds that you’ve sown will

Reap its own rewards

And they’ll all be yours

I believe you’ll make it on Broadway

And when you hear the songs play

You’ll dance to your own steps because you have what it takes

To learn from your mistakes

And when you fall all you need is a friendly hand

To help you stand




I believe we all wonder

If we’ll be taken under

By the stress and the pressure

Will it get you


Are you the best around

Or just the next in town

Either way don’t go running for the exit now

Don’t worry about getting found

By anyone but you

When you see the view

Of your own inner beauty

It’ll be the most amazing thing you’ll ever see

Now imagine

That expanding

Until the entire planet is standing

Hand in

Hand and

Helping each other grow

It’ll start off slow

But soon you’ll feel the flow

Of energy ride through you in waves

And we’ll all be brave

Because we won’t be alone

Together we’ll have grown

And after you’ve let the hope in

There’ll be a moment

When a friend needs you the most

And you’ll be a rock instead of a ghost

Because a helping hand lifted you to higher ground

This is the love that I have found

And if only you believed like I believe

In miracles

And could hear it all

We could fly like a shooting star

And take pride in who we are




I believe we’ll find the answers

To beat cancer in my lifetime

So that when our kids will write rhymes

They won’t be about the unnecessary pain

Caused in vain

We take away from the strain

Caused by fame

And judging eyes

Who love the lies

We just need to love

Instead of judge

I’m not telling you how to live

I just want to give

Words of encouragement

And see what happens with the words I’ve sent

Have you really heard them yet

I believe in you

And I believe it’s true

That we can all do what we love to do

We just need a little love and a lot of help

I believe in you; I hope you believe in yourself