Lyrics for ďthese are the momentsĒ by Mission Man


The moments I spend

With family and friends

I hope they never end

But when they do

I look forward to

Having these moments again

Until then

I cherish the moments in between

Friends and dreams


Chorus: These are the moments that I live for.They give me feelings I cannot ignore.They show me how I can give more.These are the moments that I live for.


Yes, yes, yes

It feels so fresh

And steals my breath

Because I am blessed

After dropping out of college because my life got too tough

And I lost my true love

I had that sweet moment of redemption

And overcome the pain of rejection

With a moment of acceptance

Learning lifeís lessons

Getting back in the classroom

Speeding through with that zoom zoom zoom

Breaking barriers with a boom boom boom

I didnít realize just how soon

That moment would come

When I would be done

Tossing my cap into the fresh air

Living that moment with style and flair

What really matters is the people that were there

Holding my nephew on my shoulder

Feeling a little bolder

I looked at the future and I told her

That our possibilities are endless

And we have been friends since

And Iíll gladly take the bad with the good

Because it makes me glad that I could

Have an experience

That makes me so delirious

Accepting the serious

Until I am hearing this

Sweet dream of living

As I dance to the rhythm




My nephew told me that I am always happy

I am so grateful that I had the


To show him

How to bounce a ball

Off the wall

And laugh at it all

When he falls

Everything is enhanced

When his laugh

Is echoed by niece

Itís a moment of true peace

That makes the chaos worth it

Iím ecstatic that Iíve earned this

Itís even better than when I heard Prince

Live in Germany

8 rows in front of me

Reminding me

What I want to be

Staring at the stage

And wearing out the page

Not caring about my age

Seeing the planet through the eyes of a child

Feeling my smile

From head to toe and ear to ear

My heartís beating quickly but thereís no fear in hear

Taking risks

But not making fists

Opening up with my naked wrists

I donít care if they make me rich

Because I have the soul to get down


Having any money

Because the people who love me

Keep me free from the

Overwhelming desire

To stack my cash higher

My passion keeps burning once I light the fire




What makes me happiest

Are the moments where I have been blessed

By being there for others

Whether friends or lovers

Sharing in their pain

Or burying their shame

By helping them forgive

So they can remember how to live

Being there to share their highs and their lows

Looking in their eyes as they show

Their strengths and weaknesses

Blurring the line between which is which

They know

When they show

The darkest depths of their soul

That theyíve let go

Of control

And put it all on hold

Breathing a sigh of relief

When my eyes have released

And a smile replaces

The tension in their faces

Engaged in embraces

As I make this

A life full of moments that I live for

With feelings I cannot ignore

They let me know how to give more

These are the moments that I live for