Lyrics for ďStarting OverĒ by Mission Man


Chorus: We all have to start over sometime, somewhere, once there how do we know where to go?


Today another friend has moved on

It makes me think about all whoíve gone

Some I havenít heard from since

One or two I should have kissed

Some Iíve forgotten and some I really miss

The most recent

Left for good reasons

Sheís going out to experience life

Itís turned today into a serious night

And Iím alone cleaning my apartment

Wondering whatís going to start next

Because this is another beginning

And Iím listening

To the future, but my ear siteís a little cloudy

Fear might make me drowsy

This clear night shapes the town we

Found each

Other in

And Iím wondering

As I stare at the silhouette

If itís too early to hit the pillow yet

But I wonít give into the gravity

Of depravity

I will gladly see

That I have to be

Going forward

Until thereís no more words

And I can just feel

What I know is real




Iíve moved on many times myself

And seen the struggle in someone else

They wish me luck but hate saying goodbye

Could I

Be the good guy

By leaving my friends

Not knowing if Iíll see them again

Was I being selfish

With my well wish

I had to follow my heart and dreams

And both got ripped apart at the seems

I couldnít see through the gleam

Reflecting off my tears

Rejecting all the fears

And expecting all the years

Ahead of me

To be the best Iíd see

As my future filled with my present with hope

I wonder how those in my past will cope

Leaving without a rope

Or a safety net

It made me sweat

But it had not made me crazy yet

Because I was too excited

To hide it

I had to try it

I had to take the leap

That would make me weep

Whether tears of joy or tears of sorrow

I could not know until tomorrow

Had become yesterday

So I could feel blessed today

Until my friend went away

While I get to stay

And start over again

As I go for the win

I know that Iíll spin

The wheel of fate many more times

And feel the weight send me towards mine

So I breathe deep

And try to keep

My balance

Knowing that it shall hinge

On more than stripped rusted screw

Building upon what I knew

And overcoming what I donít

I wonít

Stop starting

No matter how hard things

Seem to be

My tears will always reflect the gleam in me