Lyrics for ďno egoĒ by Mission Man


It doesnít matter if Iím a better emcee

Than Liíl Wayne or Young Jeezy

MC Hammer or Young MC


Or friends of them

Thatís not what music is about for me

Itís undoubtedly

About expression and growth

Exchanging aggression for hope

And the lessons are dope

Because my friends are so close

Iím not going to talk trash about anyone

Iíd rather have you send me love


Chorus: I make music with no ego.I make music for me to grow.


Music has saved my life

And gave my nights

Much more moonlight

And made things right

When everything seemed wrong

Whether Iím singing along

Or writing my own

It can lighten the tone

Or heighten the zone

When itís night in the dome

Or bright in my home

I can see it all in a different spectrum

When I feel the rhythm of the kick drum

Iím riding the waves of the bass

As it plays in the space

I feel brave in this place

When I hear an unpredictable riff

Accompanied by a lyrical gift

Itís not about what I do for music, itís about what it does for me

Thatís why I choose to use it; once Iíve paid my does it comes for free




I live my life with no ego

Itís the only way for me to grow

I mean címon Iím 31 years old and delivering pizzas

Still asking if itís mastercard or visa

How am I going to judge someone whoís dropped out school

I did the same thing so it would make me a fool

Any gifts I have are just gifts

I might get lucky and create a funky riff

Iím staying away from the junkieís spliff

But I wonít judge the junkie

And feel the weight that fact

Would put on my back

I wonít attack

And Iíll rarely defend

Because I wonít pretend

To be something Iím not

I wonít judge myself when Iím caught

Making a mistake

Just waiting to break

I simply live for love and dreams

Some that seem impossible

But I still wonít stop at all

Thank you for listening with no ego

So we grow


Chorus:I live my life with no ego.I live my life so I can grow.