Lyrics for ďliving to the rhythmĒ by Mission Man


You can leave it or take it

But never try to change it

I know who I am and I love who I am

There are few things I understand

But before I take my loverís hand

I have to discover what drives me

So I can choose wisely

I donít know what else Iíd want for a career

And I probably wonít figure it out by the end of this year

But I know I love doing this

Thatís why I have no money but Iím already rich

Bills are just bills

And skills are just skills

Passion makes it impossible to destroy my will

But still

I have moments of uncertainty

And Iím hoping that you learn from me

Sitting on the corner bench at midnight

Thinking about this life

Wondering if Iím living it right

When looking at this site

I donít know how Iíd see it if music wasnít my bright lit star

I donít know how I wouldíve survived this far

If I were driven by the shiny cars

What would be my destination

In this restless nation

I have my education

But I havenít found the answers

Iím creating rhythms and hoping for the dancers

Because I donít know the next steps

So the one Iím taking now needs to be the best yet

It can subtle

Or a scuttle

With a shuttle

But all

My moves

Have to make me groove

They donít have to be smooth

But they do have to soothe

Iíve got nothing to prove

I just want to test my theories

So dance along if you hear me


Chorus: Iím living to the rhythm, Iím living to the rhythm, Iím living to the rhythm of the night


Trying to see through the world to the other side

Hoping x-ray vision doesnít leave me blind

To whatís right in front of me

Looking at it lovingly

When I see

What I want to be
Trying to ignore the politics

So I donít call it quits

Before it even starts

So I can keep a beating heart

Aiming but I canít see the dart

Only the target

Hoping for a smart hit

When throwing in the darkness

Seeing if the sparks lit

Knowing that my heart gets

Hit the hardest

Hearing if the bard is

Playing my song

So I can sing along

This tavern

May as well be a cavern

Iím leaving with a bad burn

From all Iíve had to learn

Before I find the way out

I run across some stray doubts

Ones that wonít stay down

No matter how loud I play sounds

I still try to put a dollar in the jukebox

Take my cue and shoot shots

But no matter how many games I win

Or how many songs I spin

The voices keep on creeping in

Whether they donít belong

So I try another song

But it still seems wrong

Looking for a solution before closing time

But Iím going blind

From trying to see too much

Telling the doubts to please just hush

Thereís no need to rush

Iím still losing my patience

Hoping for some ancient

Wisdom to cure what ails me

Learning to ignore the people that have failed me

Because I know I have failed them too

I need to learn to stop trying and just do

So I put down my cue

And walk out the door

Looking for something Iíve looked for before




Walking all around town

Searching for something Iíve never found

No matter how many times Iíve looked

I feel like I keep reading the same chapter in this book

And Iím hooked

Another night passing through the throng

Seeing all kinds of places where I donít belong

And sorts of people who get me wrong

Looking up at the moon

Wondering if Iíll find soon

Looking up at the beauty of the stars

It can be right in front of me but feel so far

So I keep walking

And hear the occasional deep talking

But I mainly just hear clips and phrases

See someone make a mistake wondering how to erase it

It makes me think about the life Iíve lead

Wondering if it wouldíve been better if I had left some things unsaid

But focusing more on missed opportunities

And empty promises with a list of all they do for me

I feel the still night air

And still I care

But my search ends

When I get a text from a friend

Saying he sees the same trends

As the other nights he spends

I reply and hit send

Telling him I havenít found love

But Iíll settle for some grub

So now weíre mowing down at 4 am

Wondering if weíll see any more mayhem

When we run out of thoughts what do we say then

We replay them

Until theyíre at ease for the night

We part ways feeling all right

And I close my eyes at first light