Lyrics for ďliving the dreamĒ by Mission Man


Iím 13 years old and Iím balling with the college kids

Showing them what knowledge is

Dropping it like dimes

And my rhymes

Are on time

When Iím committing crimes

On the court

Picking their pockets and stealing the corks

From their champagne bubbly

I may just be a kid but this manís game loves me

And Iíve got mad aim from three

Iím like an assassin

With my passing

So fasten

Your seatbelts

Because my speed melts

And I donít need help

When defending my man

Or sending in a jam

Iím 6í3Ē and I fly like an eagle

Is it just me or do I have no equal

I wonít be satisfied with one ring I want sequels

Like Larry Legendís

Youíll find Garyís presence

Is the essence

Of greatness

To see me in the NBA youíll need patience

Because Iím still five years away

Until that day

My peers will pay

My partner in crime is scoring

Like Jordan

When we play together is an assured win

I always deliver

And send shivers

Down your spine

Tickling the twine

In the middle of a rhyme

Hitting that dagger

With swagger

Go ahead place your wager

Because thereís no risk

The nets always swish

When we flip our wrists


Chorus:Iím living the life and living the dream.Iím taking flight and making it seem easy.


Iím 16 years old

And revising my goals

Basketball still fills my soul

But Iím looking for it to play a different role

Iím trying to have it pay for college

So instead of dropping it I can pick up knowledge

And increase the size of the small ledge

And shorten the height of the tall edge

I think I have a chance

To play in the big dance

So Iím going to take it

And make it


Iím going to stay

And play

Through the hurt

I broke my ankle when I tripped over a teammate

I hope itís just a bump in the path that my dream takes

Just a little anecdote for the screenplay

Because before this I could really sky

My hands were over 11 feet high

When I leapt from the ground

Now Iíve come back down

And I still love the sound

Of the basketball being dribbled in rhythm

And Iím blessed with all that Iím given

Itís what makes life worth living

Trying to focus on the positive

So I still have a lot to give

When I write the next scene

Because it may be the end of this dream


Chorus:Iím living the life and living the dream.Sometimes it doesnít seem so easy.


Iím in my thirties now

Not balling out

Or hauling down


Iím just making these sounds

And as my life has been rewound

Iíve found

That how I remember it isnít always how it was

And my life isnít defined by what Iíve done

Itís what Iím doing now

That really counts

And I still have bounce

To the ounce

But Iíve jumping up and down

For a different dream

I care less about the gifted teams

And more about the capacity for passion

Iím bored by the audacity of fashion

I wonít let my life be defined by appearance

When you hear this


Form of expression

I wonít let the stress win

Just letting the best in

Itís not a million dollar smile

On a brilliant scholared child

Itís just one

That comes

From living my dream

Life is even better than it seems

Itís not about the game

Or the fame

Or the fortune

I donít need to live with the biggest portions

Iím satiated with substance

Iíve made it and I love this

I donít care about the judges

Who donít know what love is

I donít care about the dollars my life makes sense

When my mic stays blessed

And my rhyme playís fresh

And my mind gains rest

By being at peace

And feeling at ease

I hope you feel it with me


Chorus:Iím living the life and living the dream.Loving it right makes it seem easy.