Lyrics for ďi need a good girlĒ by Mission Man


Iím not looking for a girl with a man

Iím not looking for a one night stand

I need a good girl

I need a good girl


I need a girl with a good heart

Thatís where love should start

If itís going to last forever

I donít want her to render

My heart useless

When I choose this

New miss

To kiss

In true bliss

With blue lips

Because she takes my breath away

And she leaves me with nothing left to say

Because as our hearts pound

They drown

The sound

Of our words

Thatís when I know our love is pure

And Iím sure

That we can transcend

As our hands bend

And pull us up to the highest ground

So we can hear all the finest sounds

And see beauty from above

As the world illuminates in love


Chorus:Iím not looking for a girl with a man.

Iím not looking for a one night stand.

I need a good girl.

I need a good girl.


Iím not going to hate

If youíd rather have sex than just date

But you can move onto the next mate

Because with me youíll have to wait

Youíll have to take the time

To get to know my mind

And my soul

Before I give you control

Of my body

I donít need a hottie

But her spirit better be smoking

To maintain the fire in my ocean

And keep the future wide open

As we explore the cosmos

And hit on time even during the off notes

She doesnít have to love my music

But she does have to listen to it

At least once

She has to make it through 31 Hours Til What?

So she can begin to understand my depths

And breathe more than shallow breaths

She has to be there to have fun with

And stick around long enough to grow young with




I donít care about your hair color

I need you to be a fair lover

I will sacrifice and listen to your needs

Even if I canít fix what causes your soul to bleed

But I need you to hear me too

So you can be there to steer me through

The roughest parts of my road

I have the strength to carry a large load

And for all my life Iíve done it on my own

I have the strength to be alone

But if weíre together I need you to stand by me

I wonít search for you if you abandon me

But if youíre true

Iíll stand by you

And Iíll give my hand to you

And when Iím halfway around the world

I still want you to be my girl

Iím looking for honesty

So promise me

And please donít lie

I want to see who I love when I look in those eyes