Lyrics for ďi donít needĒ by Mission Man


I donít need an entourage

To build a big mirage

That says Iím the king of the gods

I donít want anyone to think Iím the best

The thing is Iím blessed

Because I have something that completes me

Getting here wasnít easy

But it was worth every scar

The wounds have pumped blood into the heart of my guitar

I donít want to be a star

Because I already shine

What Iíve created is mine

And debt collectors canít take it from me

Because I am free


I donít need.I just want to invent.


I donít need a hundred cars or a tiger in my basement

I donít really want to be famous

In some ways I prefer to be nameless

But Iíll never shun a fan

Who reaches out a hand

Whether in thanks or in need

Or to help me succeed

If youíve really listened then you know who I am

Youíve heard me grow as a man

And I know that I can

Be successful my way

As I play

The strings of my life

And I sing with my might

As I ring in the night

Truth is what I bring when I write

As images fling out of sight

I recall memories as kid

And the things that I did

And some things that I said

Sometimes Iíd think with my head

Other times I assumed I knew it all

My ego grew too tall

As I shot up 8 inches in three months

It seems I grew up all at once

But it was just physical

I couldnít fit it all

Together Ďtil it all fell apart

And I had to restart

Some pieces I left behind

Others I still have to find

Thatís something I will do in time

But Iím not in a rush

I want to enjoy the touch

And remember the hush

The silence because no one was there

Some moments werenít fair

Or at least thatís how it seemed

But the sleepless nights made me appreciate dreams




I donít need to be on a boat

Or ski while I gloat

I just want to see what I wrote

And understand that Iíve created

I donít want to be hated

But it really doesnít hurt me

It isnít worth the

Energy to feed the hate

Until it destroys what I create

I just want to see fate

Take me to the island

As it holds my hand

I want to breathe deep and appreciate the oxygen

Blown in by forgotten wind

Thereís no way Iíll be stopping then

Because my life will be a dream

Better than any dramatic scene

With panoramic sunsets

And perfect songs we havenít sung yet

Played harmonically by a supersonic drum set

While the rhythm of life

Makes it all all right

When I get there Iíll have eternal bliss

From my journalís kiss

And Iíll earn all this

By not being greedy

Iíd love for my music to feed me

But if I ever sell a million CDs

Iíll give the excess to the needy

And thank you all because youíve freed me


I donít need.I just want to invent, because inventing is the thing that I like.

I donít need.I just want to invent, uhh yeah, thatís right.