Lyrics for ďhow i see itĒ by Mission Man


I have certain philosophies

That will often be

In question

But time after time life has offered the lessons

No matter how awful the testing

I know that Iíll come through

With whatís true

Theyíre cutting back on my hours because business is slow

Iím working as hard as I can but my watching my debt grow

And through it all I have just learned to let go

Iíll give my hours to someone else who needs them

Because they have the right to work hard to earn their freedom


This is about more than just me

And this is how it must be


Iím letting go of the hate

Because I know that my fate

Isnít like going down a road thatís arrow straight

Instead Iím going down the road to the unknown

And I donít want to be alone

With any unnecessary luggage

Because I know that love is


As I beat the stress

Sometimes I have to make my decisions in a hurry

When my vision is blurry

Not knowing what lays beyond

Itís these moments that make me strong

And itís true

Most people havenít been through what Iíve been through

But some people have been through a lot worse

I mean a hell of a lot worse

Thatís why I donít feel even relatively cursed

Iím just elegantly versed

In the best and the worst

That life has shared with me

Sometimes I can barely see

But I still share in the air we breathe


Chorus: Itís all about perspective and this is how I see it.This is how I choose to live and music helps me be this.


Itís not all black and white or grayscale

It doesnít matter if it pays well

I just want to live my life in vivid color

And share the hues with others

Skipping financial success

Going to straight to happiness

Because I have been blessed

And yes

I have been heckled

By jekylls

In an attempt to turn my show into a spectacle

But it doesnít make me skeptical

Instead I just let it all

Fall into the receptacle

Because I canít control what happens

I can only control my actions

I was 15 when I got my first job

This scene made me feel like I was robbed

Of my youth

But that isnít quite the truth

It was just delayed for a while

But now itís here to stay with a smile

Because Iíll always play like a child

I choose not to see the negative

And open up my naked gifts

Because Iím a different kind of rapper

One that doesnít battle rap

As I rattle facts

And prattle fast

Instead of engaging in a war or words

Because there worth no more than yours

To anyone but me

As I share what I see


Chorus:Itís all about perspective and this is how I see it.This is how I choose to live and music helps me be this.


Iím an academian


With a spectacular

Picking up the local colloquialisms

To show all the hope Iíve been given

As it flows into the soul of the rhythm

And goes till it fills the holes in the living

If youíve hurt me then know youíre forgiven

And if Iíve hurt you
Then I hope you can forgive me too

So we can begin anew

And sing the first song of the new year

With true cheers

No matter whoís here

So we can show our roots clear

And grow together

So we can know forever

Without solitude

Thank you all for all you do


Chorus: Itís all about perspective and this is how I see it.This is how I choose to love/live and music helps me be this.