Lyrics for "You Gotta Want It" by Mission Man

You gotta want it, gotta have the fire, the fire
You gotta want it, gotta have desire, desire

I've got so much fire my heart's an inferno
And it's gonna burn for
No matter how much money I see
When I wake all I feel is the fire
The desire
To be the best
That's why I won't rest
Until my missions have been accomplished
I feel blessed
But not quite complete
Until I shoe the children with no shoes on their feet
And give the kids with nothing to eat
Enough to eat until the end of the week
We have to act together and we have to act fast
To accomplish those kinds of tasks
Without desire
You won't get any higher
You have to be a tryer
To be a doer
And make the future
A better place
For the human race

You gotta want it, gotta have the fire, the fire
You gotta want it, gotta have desire

The fire takes control of my body and mind sometimes
Like when I'm dropping dimes
Or writing rhymes
But I'm not committing crimes
I just wake up in the morning and go to class
Then I dash
Home as fast
As I can and study for a while
I've got no time to be acting like a child
When I get done studying
I give a ring
To L.A.
Saying what you wanna do today
Do you wanna lift weights or play
Some ball
When I'm done with that phone call
I get all
Ready to lift and feel the fire
Everything I do I do with desire
Setting goals in the classroom
And the weightroom
And at home too
No matter what I do
The flame's always burning
And I'm always learning
Staying up til midnight
Trying to get my knowledge right
Of my C++
So the test that he gives us
Comes back an A+
For me
Now I'm studying my economy
Learning about monopoly
The desire to write songs
Keeps me up all night long
So I can write the wrongs
And add more prongs
Of knowledge to my mind
'Cause I find
That in time
I need more
And I need to explore
I sing
To express myself
And make the power of my passion felt
My heart melts
All obstacles
I feel unstoppable
When I really want something
That's why I bring
When I sing
I want to be the king
Of my own destiny
So I can be the best I can be
Only in America could I be this free
And take advantage of the opportunities
That are put before me
Sometimes I have to take a leap of faith
When there's no safe
Road to take
I make
My decisions and I live with them
Never look back 'cause then
I could spend all day feeling sorry for myself
And never accomplish anything else
That's why the fire's so strong
And burns so long

You gotta want it, gotta have the fire, the fire. You gotta want it, gotta have desire.

The fire breathes in oxygen
And then
Gets even
Singing this song longer
Than I really had to
But this is for all you
Fans of Mission Man
I've come with the plan
To give you what you want
And I won't be pulling any stupid stunts
Or putting up any fronts
Because what you see is what you get
So don't fret
Because I'll always have fuel for my fire like a 737 jet
I haven't met
Any obstacle
That can stop all
My fire. I draw on my inner strengths
I'll go to almost any lengths
To accomplish my dreams
I've got the gleam
In my eyes
I will try
My hardest to succeed
I feed
Off the fire in my heart
And I'll be torn apart
Trying because I'll be damned if I fail
I'll blaze a trail
Through my life with my flames
Trying to increase the fame of my name
I can't be tamed
And won't be ashamed
Of what I do if I work hard
I want to be a full glass, not just a shard
That's why I won't rest
Until my best
Is what I've done
And I've become
All I can be
Just take it from me

You gotta want it, gotta have the fire, the fire. You gotta want it, gotta have desire.