Lyrics for "Wonder What I'd Be" by Mission Man

If I quit my job today
Would I find a way
or would I betray
The only hopes I have left for my dreams
Would I find a job or be left dead with no one to hear my screams
I wonder what I'd be if I had quit two years ago
And decided to give up on the flow
So I could chase the dough
Working for a corporation
Jerking for a corporate nation
In anticipation
Of making money
And being a quasi-yuppie
My dreams would be lost
Would it be worth that cost
Just to suck up to the boss
What if I had transferred schools
After publicly decreeing that Miami's not cool
Would I have felt like a fool
If I had transferred to Athens
Would I be professionally rapping
Or would I be delivering pizzas
Asking if they're paying with mastercard or visa
Would I have finished college
And used that knowledge
Or would I be so broke
That my life is a joke

Chorus: I wonder what I'd Be. I wonder what I'd Be. I wonder what I'd be, if I weren't me.

What if I hadn't dropped out
I can't believe my cop out
I was helping a friend
And I can't pretend
I have to admit
The biggest reason that I quit
Was because I was blinded love
But she never requited my love
If I had finished at 20
With plenty
Of energy
To get my PhD
By 23
Ok, maybe 25
Which is how long I've been alive
I wonder what I'd be now
Would I be happier somehow
Should I feel dumb now
Because of what I've become now
I could've handled the academics
I may have cured some epidemics
Would I be on my way to a nobel prize
And a hotel rise
What would I see when I look in my eyes


What if my grandma didn't lose her home
And everything but her life to a stroke
What if I wasn't forced to live alone
And I still lived under that great big oak
Would I be debt free
Or would I still let life get me
Caught in that trap
What if I was not in that crap
Would I have more cheddar
Would I be better
Would I have a girlfriend too
Would my world end too
I wonder what I'd be if I had never gone to Miami
I wonder what my universe would be
If it were filled with diversity
Instead of adversity
Would I know anything about life
Without strife
Is it pain
That makess me gain
Or do I live
Less now because of it
My life's changed dramatically bit by bit
It's changed by staying the same
If I hadn't played that game
That killed my career
Before my senior year
I may have played college ball
And gotten all
My college for free
And where would I be
Playing for the Magic
Or being shot in a tragic
Turn of events
That contradict the pretense


If my mom hadn't died
And I hadn't cried
If we had detected the cancer
In time for answers
And a real chance to
If my mom were still alive
I would have gone to college for free
Because she'd have her PhD
Teaching at a university
Pulling in about 85 Gs
Maybe I'd be
Much greater than this
And home with the misses
Getting some kisses
Instead of single
With rarely a twinkle
Of romance
Is it chance
Or choice
That lets me rejoice
Or lets me mourn
And question why I was born
And question why I was born

I wonder what I'd be if I had never started rapping
There are so many things that could have happened
Every day could be spent laughing
Or crying
To figure out where I went wrong
Without the aide of lyrics to my songs
How would I get along
Would I have a release
Or an evergrowing crease in my forehead
Every day just growing more dead
What I hadn't skipped a grade
What if I had just laid
Instead of executing my attack
I wonder what I'd be now
I can't even pretend
To comprehend
If I had never met my best friend
What then

None of that matters anyway. All I can do is change today. Make a change or decide to stay. The future is in my hands, and I understand I can't change the past. I can only hope to last long enough to live my dreams. And write the rest of my scenes.