Lyrics for "Weightlifting Jam" by Mission Man

Chorus: It's the weightlifting jam, weightlifting jam, weightlifting jam, yeah the weightlifting jam X2

Lifting in the weightroom with Lamont
Giving it all I got
Doing pull ups
And sit ups
Push ups
Then I get up
To do a little back work out
Give out a shout
As I push the weight out
Away from me
Doing some 70s
On each arm with some dumbbells for my chest
Trying to make me stronger on the bench press
Hmm... what's next
Maybe do some bis
Or some tris
So I can hypnotize
Or mesmerize
Some of my old classmates
Or teammates
And my old high school coach
I felt like a roach
Getting minutes like they were crumbs
No who feels dumb
Used to call me limited
When I was really gifted
With the ball in my hands
Now I'm the man

Chorus: X2

Time to get back to lifting
My weight
As I anticipate
Doing some squats
To help me with my dunk shot
Giving Lamont
A spot
Yelling you got
Once he gets in the gym
You can't stop him
Get him in the gym and watch him go to work
Bench press or clean and jerk
We don't mess around
Sometimes we clown
But we always get down
To business
And witness
Our strength increasing
Never ceasing
To improve
Our moves
On the court
And when we get on a mission we don't abort
Never call Lamont short
Because he's tall in heart and strong as ox
Like I said when he starts he doesn't stop

Chorus: X2

Sit down on the shoulder press
Looking in the mirror and I'm impressed
By the work that I've done
Glad I've finished what I've begun
I flex and smile
For a little while
A second or two
Then I'm through
Time to get back to the lifting
To tone
And build mass to muscle
I always hussle
When I lift
Time to shift
Back to my legs
So I can do some leg raises
Some calf raises
Some lunges
Some crunches
Some leg lifts and some curls
Not doing this to impress the girls
But to improve my game, my health, and my life
Trying to be fast as stealth and sharp as a knife