Lyrics for "Revitalized" by Mission Man

It's been a while since I've had a pen and a pad in my hand
Now it's time to rhyme and understand
Why I'm sacrificing so much in the first place
I never even thought that I could get to the worst case
I fell below rock bottom
Legal troubles yes I got them
Because of these girls who played me for a fool
I trusted them because we went to the same school
They made me feel like a big old lame tool
But that didn't stop me from playing the game cool
Now I'm revitalized
Like those we idolize
No longer looking with idle eyes
I know that my might'll rise
And take me back on track to where I want to go
Now I'm free to be me when I flow
I've been going to my place of employment
All I can think about is that I'm annoyed with
My boss and the costs of the chances that I'm taking
And the circumstances that are making
Me lose control of my life
The cruise control of my strife
Took over for a while
I'd have to say the last 5,000 miles
But now I'm about to go out in style
Saying what's up to my friends at the Papa
They all know that nothing's gonna stop a
Man like me from rising to the top
After I crawl out from under this rock
That I'm buried under
The combination of lightning and thunder
Has returned to my heart
So I can restart

chorus: I'm revitalized, no longer looking with idle eyes [alternates with: no longer seeing with idle eyes, and no longer have the idle eyes]

Why do I try to do these things
Why do I try to learn how to sing
Why can't I just stick with rap
My good friend Matt's roommate's got the clap
Why do I struggle with my views on sex
I'm almost 24 and haven't had sex yet
At first I was waiting for marriage
Because I didn't want a baby carriage
Now I'm in love and I understand
I'm better as a solo artist than in a band
At least for now
Because I know how
To love myself
But not someone else
Unless she's perfect for me
I don't want it to be just 'cause I'm horny
But what really matters is that I have a true love
And I'm really glad that I have something to love
I've missed you my good old friend
I'm taking you with me to the end


In the spirit of runnin'
What has begun has
Gone so far
That soon I'll be living out of my car
That is, I'll be living in van down by the river
The thought of that kind of freedom makes me shiver
Because I'll be liver
No longer watching the world go by
No longer wanting the girl so fly
America may no longer be an idolized nation
But I can still feel the revitalization
Coming through my arteries
And my heart'll be
For the blood
To get unstuck from the mud
Vroom, Vroom, my tires have been spinning
But I haven't been winning
Because my car has not been moving
Now I feel like I'm back in a groove and
A pen on a pad
Is my holy land
I need to get back to being Mission Man
Not in a vain kind of way understand
Just in the way that I love who I am
Just in the way that I love who I am