Lyrics for "Inventor" by Mission Man

Chorus: Inventor is the thing that you like, uhh yeah, that's right X2

Turn on the stereo, kick up the bass
As I dunk in your face
I don't waste
As I kick this dope rhyme
I drink my lemon lime
Wise like Yoda
Drink my Coca-Cola
Now I know a
Man named Shaq
He's got this funky dunk attack
Better watch your back
'Cause I'm like Bird
Can't compare me
To another
Like no other
I'm a great lover
Like Chamberlin
I came to win
Battle me that's a sin
Just like stealing
I'm freewheeling
Give me the cards and I'm dealing
Four of a kind
Don't mess with my mind
'Cause I got you beat every time

Chorus: ...Inventor is the thing that you like, uhh, yeah, damn right