Lyrics for "Intro To My Mind" by Mission Man

This album's ["song's" when performed live] an intro to my mind
Hopefully you'll like what you find
'Cause I'm
Working hard
And thinking hard
About the songs that I write
And what I hope to accomplish as I try to unite
This world together
To never
Fall apart
What I'm saying is from my heart
Where should I start
On this intro
Should I just flow
Or try to tell you everything I know
I don't know
But I do know
That I'm working hard so I hope
You pay attention to what I say when I flow
This song is just an intro
To my mind so you know
There's much more going on inside
My mind
Sometimes it hides
But then I find
The perfect idea to write about
To get my thoughts and feelings out
In a song
What's going on
In my brain
Sometimes it drives me insane
To see
Some of the inhumanity
In this world
Old men sometimes raping little girls
It makes my head spin and twirl
'Til I'm dizzy
Then one day I decided to get busy
On some rhymes
To let out what was in my mind
When it's out in the open
I keep hopin'
It won't fall on deaf ears
Hopefully my peers
Will here
And take a stand
And demand
That a few things change
And a couple things get rearranged
Like the education system
We need to take the kids and teach them
How to help each other
How to respect one another
And how to make it in the real world
Help both little boys and girls
Realize what they have to offer to this planet
Then teach them how to plan if
They want to succeed
Because they're going to need
All the help they can get
Because not everybody's living well yet
There's poverty and injustice
But this
Can change if people try
We have to find out why
It happens
Then make it
Better for the next person
Everybody's deservin'
Of a chance to make a livin'
So they can start givin'
Back to the community
And maybe wipe out poverty
And people living on the streets
By letting them earn enough money to eat and sleep
Under the roof of a building
To be able you have to be willing
To work hard to make a difference
Help is
On the way
If you just listen to what I have to say

Chorus: Take a little dip to my mind, trip to my mind
See if you like what you find X2

I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip
As you dip
Into and explore
Some more
Of my mind
Hopefully you'll take the time
To really think about what I have to say
Maybe one day
This world will be a safer place to play