Lyrics for ďChilliní at the PapaĒ by Mission Man

Chilliní at the Papa with Michelle
Sheís making my day go so well
Even when I feel like Iím in hell
I am in heaven
From 11-7
Or sometimes 8, 9 or 10
But then again
It could be worse
I could spend all day listening to Matt curse
Iíve got cardboard cuts on my hands from folding boxes
Antonís spending the day chasing foxes
And scammers
And the
People who arenít where theyíre supposed to be
Saying ďIím sorry,
My roommate was on the phone.Ē
Or maybe they werenít even home
Calling from their cell phone
Waiting on the metro, hoping they get home before we go
On the deliv
And I relive
Every moment as I give
Them the benefit of the doubt
When they say that they were never out
Of their room
So I zoom
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Back to their dorm
Faster than the norm
Even though I canít stay warm
Because thereís a winter storm

Chorus: I am just chilliní at the Papa

Itís not a tumor
Itís my humor
That keeps me going
Oh and
Michelle and all the others around me
That help me overcome the adversity

Hi, did you order Papa Johnís?
Is this 308 MacCracken Hall?
Did your roommate order?
I donít know.

MacCracken said they didnít order
And my last tip was two quarters
On a $150 order
Complain, complain thatís all we do
Thatís ok Ďcause you would too
If you were lazy like me
Thatís ok Ďcause youíll always be
The reason
That Iím believing
That I can make it
ĎCause I can take it
Give me the phone and Iíll break it
Oh wait thatís someone elseís job
Whoís kind of odd
Hey Lindsay, turn off the water
Angelaís got a beautiful daughter
Oops, I mean son
Iím just trying to rhyme
Is that a crime
No, but cashing a bad check is
And so is
My oh my
As I start to think about the things that Iím bringing up
I better just shut up

Chorus: I am just chilliní at the Papa