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M'' - 2012

M'' is my 11th studio album, and has an official release date of October 1st, 2012 to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of when I started rapping.

Tracklist: 1. open mic 2. with love we find hope 3. i can feel the love 4. go with the flow 5. this is the league 6. livin' 7. wonder years 8. driven by passion 9. it's good to be back 10. extra (extended version). Digital download also includes the single version of extra.

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liberty island - 2011

"liberty island" is my 10th studio album, released in May, 2011. This is the album I'm most proud of, and I still perform about half of the songs during my sets.

Tracklist: 1. wonder 2. living the dream 3. i need a good girl 4. starting over 5. living to the rhythm 6. i had to 7. these are the moments 8. time to make it happen 9. no ego 10. i don't need 11. how i see it.

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31 Hours Til What? - 2010

31 Hours Til What gets its name from the uncertainty of life. It includes what I consider to be my best song, "Do What You Love." It's track 15.

Tracklist: 1. A Little About Me 2. Lift Me Up 3. Decisions 4. What Hip Hop Means To Me 5. Ugly Child 6. I'd Rather Be Alone 7. I'm Not Built For a 9 to 5 8. Out of the Basement 9. Freedom 10. What Do You See 11. They'll Never Steal My Love 12. I have Been Blessed 13. I'm Going Home 14. Low Stress Diet 15. Do What You Love

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Indiependent - 2006

Indiependent gets its name from the fact that "Indie" musicians are very dependent on their fans. That's why it's spelled indiependent.

Track list: 1. I Need The Mic 2. Glimpse of a Dream 3. Love With Passion and Live With Love 4. You've Earned It 5. When I Find You 6. My Heroes 7. Balance 8. Everything Changes 9. Straight Edged 10. Ready For Tomorrw 11. Time To Find Home 12. If I Did Not Have a Dream 13. Deeper Meaning 14. This Is It

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Put Down The Pen was an mp3 only release, and therefore has no artwork. Released in 2005.

The album is called Put Down The Pen because every single lyric was freestyled and the music was all improvised. There was no writing, or use of a pen, for the album.

Tracklist: 1. Birthday 2. Capture The Magic 3. Ear Blink 4. I Want More 5. Life 6. Path Untravelled 7. Stop Thinking 8. Two Worlds 9. What I Want

Album only available in download format. Download the album.

Antis Trype was an mp3 only release. Released in 2004.

Antis Trype was the original home of Chillin' at the Papa, which was recorded as a Christmas present for a coworker. I never intended to release the song, but a fan told me to put it on my website and it remains my most popular song today.

Tracklist: 1. Chillin' at the Papa 2. Dirty Game 3. Enjoy Every Day 4. Hip Hop Stranger 5. Hopeful Messages 6. Never Had a Chance 7. Not Where I Belong 8. Open Road 9. Scares Me To Think 10. There Was A Man 11. Wonder What I'd Be 12. World Without Mirrors 13. You Gotta Want It

Album only available as a download

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A Different Kid - 2004

I let one of my coworkers hear one of the songs from the album while I was working on it, and he said "Gary, you're a different kid." Album title courtesy of a fan.

Tracklist: 1. Empty Page 2. Play Ball 3. Prime Time Players 4. World 5. MFQ 6 Working Person's Trap 7. Learning 8 Nothing Great 9. Right Around This Time 10. When My Dreams Come True 11. I Can't Get It Out of My Head Yo 12. Wanna Get Down 13. Me Again 14. Air 15. Dream 16. Open Eyes 17. Revitalized 18. New Future

Permanently out of stock of the CD. Only available via download.

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Out Of The Shadows - 2000

The name Out of the Shadows is based on a fictional character I started to write a book about called Shadowblade. I hand wrote 50 pages of the novel and let a friend read it. I never saw the pages again, and I didn't write any more of the book.

Tracklist: 1. Are You Up For It? 2. Elevator 3. Happy 4. I can Do It 5. God I'm Trying 6. Rapper's Plea 7. What's This World Come To 8. Shadow's Betrayal 9. Speechless 10. Apology 11. Mistake 12. Acceptance 13. Who Am I 14. Sick of It 15. Break The Mold 16. Won't Go Down 17. Sad Return

Permanently out of stock on the album. Available only in download format.

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Transitions - 2000

Transitions gets its name from the fact that I was transitioning from just finding beats in my keyboard to playing all of my own instruments, including drums, bass, guitar and keyboard and producing my own music. Because of this, it's very experimental and has low production value.

Tracklist: 1. Great Escape 2. Human Virtue 3. Aliens 4. Higher Learning 5. Five Years 6. The Night 7. Another Day 8. Solace 9. That Girl 10. Increasingly Difficult 11. Too Much 12. Confusion 13. PBJ 14 Dance In Harmony 15. Love Each Other 16. Day at the Beach.

Permanently out of stock on the album. Only available in download format.

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Delve Deeper - 1999

Delve Deeper is a double disc with a total of 33 songs on it. The first disc features songs written in a similar manner to Intro To My Mind. I hit play on the keyboard and changed what key and tempo they were in and then rapped over it. The second disc is the very beginning of me trying new things as a musician, so I start doing a little more with the keyboard and try writing in new styles. Very experimental and very low production quality. A necessary step to get to where I am now as a musician.

Permanently out of stock on the physical CD. Only available in download format.

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Intro To My Mind - 1997

Intro To My Mind is probably still my most popular album, thanks largely to the popularity of "Playin' a Little Basketball" and the "Weightliftin' Jam." If you can't read the tracklist, here it is:

1. Intro To My Mind 2. Stay Real (Explicit) 3. Love Is Enough 4. Memories 5. Gotta Work Hard 6. Running 7. Playing a Little Basketball 8. Weightlifting Jam 9 Respect Our Women 10. Out of High School 11. Mother 12. Is There a God? 13. Inventor

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Digital Box Set - 1992-2012

The digital box set includes my first 10 albums on 1 CD. That's 158 mp3s on 1 disc for just $35. You'll also get rare live mp3s, some lyrics and some album artwork.

If you buy the download version, it comes with M'' as well, but not the rare live mp3s, or the lyrics or artwork (yet), and is $38.

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