Mission Man: Hip-Hop Without Ego (since 1992)

Hello! My name is Gary, and I go by Mission Man when I'm making music. I make hip-hop music without ego. I started rapping in 1992, and started playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and producing my own music in 1998/1999. Thanks for stopping by my website!

If you'd like to help support my musical dreams, there are links below to buy my music directly. The first video playlist I have up is called "Mission Man best of" and has a combination of my best live performances and music videos. The other video playlist (on the right) is the incredible documentary a filmmaker from NYC, Lawrence Andrew Kim, made about me.

Here are some of my best songs on Spotify:

Listen to "RnR Playdate (live)" on Spotify. A group of very talented musicians collaborated with me on this unique live album.

Here are iTunes links to my most popular songs:
Chillin' at the Papa
Playin' a Little Basketball
Do What You Love
Love Funk and Soul
Time To Make It Happen
Open Mic
No Ego
I Don't Need
With Love We Find Hope
A Little About Me
Low Stress Diet and the album, "RnR Playdate (live)".

Don't have Spotify or iTunes? You can listen to my best songs and buy them directly from the CDBaby widget.

Listening to my music on Spotify gives me about 1/2 of a penny every time you listen to one of my songs that way. If you buy through CDBaby, I keep 91% of the sale price (so 91 cents on a 99 cent download) and I keep 64.7 cents for every 99 cent iTunes download, so you can be confident knowing you are truly supporting my musical dreams if you choose any of those options.

"Time" is the most powerfully personal song I've ever created, and it is now available on CDBaby. It's also my newest song, released February 15th, 2015, which is why it's now first on the CDBaby player. Thanks for listening!



liberty island

31 Hours Til What?


Put Down The Pen

Antis Trype

A Different Kid

Out Of The Shadows


Delve Deeper

Intro To My Mind (Reintroduction)

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